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    The Credo Solution
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    Gain access to Credo’s full length online training seminars and members-only blog. Scroll down to view sample videos or click on the TRAINING window and get started.


    Credo provides online training in management, strategic planning, and human resources. Credo is passionate about providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to overcome the challenges of today’s business environment.

    Our team members are also available to visit your location for onsite training or consulting.


    Credo provides professional and affordable Bookkeeping, Human Resources, and Non-Profit support. These services are available to companies of all sizes and sectors. Our current client base includes retail, entertainment, religious, medical, legal, corporate, and non-profit businesses.



We are able to keep our rates down by employing trained, experienced, and skilled bookkeepers, however, 49% of Credo is owned by a CPA firm, so our clients have access to CPA expertise without paying CPA prices.


Our HR Professionals are experts at Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Teams & Values profiling, and possess Advance Certifications in DISC Business Applications. Contact us today and take advantage of these powerful Human Resource tools.


Our CPA’s, Attorney’s and Management Specialists have decades of experience in 501(3)(c) approval, management, board training, and compliance. Non-profits are unlike any other business entity. Make sure you have access to the right experience.


Take advantage of Credo’s full length online seminars, training materials, and membership blog. For samples of our training check out the videos on this page.

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